isn’t it strange how certain images can provoke such a strong emotional response when seen. its almost unexplainable.

just like smell, taste, and sound, photos can bring us back to the most forgotten times. i think thats what i enjoy most about photography…

the ability to invoke excitement, sadness, nostalgia, and joy all in an 18 megapixel box, to capture what you were seeing and feeling at the exact moment you were seeing and feeling it, the subtle qualities that make a photo ever so timeless, and more importantly the feeling you get when you capture just the right photo. i get high off that feeling.

its similar to the feeling of writing the perfect riff, or finding the perfect seasoning. you say to yourself “yesssssss!”

my whole life will be spent striving to capture those photos


One Comment on “Beginnings

  1. This year has left me with a lot to be thankful for. I becmae a mom for the very first time, have a wonderful husband, bought my first home, and have so many friends and family who provide me with the strength when times were tough! I also feel fortunate to live in a great community with so many opportunities.

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